While it has been rumored for a while now, today we received official confirmation that longtime Fnatic support Bora "Yellowstar" Kim will be joining Team SoloMid's League of Legends squad.

Yellowstar has been the backbone of Fnatic for some time, and it was his influence both in and out of game that was largely credited for the organization's resurgence after recruiting four new players at the end of Season 4. Now, he'll have a brand new opportunity awaiting him at TSM, and he has expressed confidence in the team's new lineup, citing it as one of the main reasons for coming over to North America.

This also opens up discussion for an interesting topic for TSM. Their shotcaller has been mid laner Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg, but that has been more out of necessity, with Bjergsen having stated in the past that he assumes shotcalling duties because he needs to, but not because he wants to. Yellowstar has been the shotcaller for Fnatic, and could potentially assume that role on TSM, alleviating some of the enormous responsibility that has been placed on Bjergsen's shoulders.

Kim's influence should also be a positive one for ADC Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng. While Doublelift has matured in his time as a pro player, having the steady guiding hand of a talented veteran player like Yellowstar should only make the transition to a new organization that much easier for Peng. If the two work well together, this could easily be the strongest bottom lane TSM has ever fielded.

As a whole, Team SoloMid's roster looks quite strong at all five positions, and should no longer devolve into the "Bjergsen plus four wards" meme. If the team has good synergy, this should be an extremely strong squad, capable of contending for the North American title, and potentially even putting on a strong performance against international competition.


Source/Image credit: Team SoloMid

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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