For some time now, Bora "Yellowstar" Kim has been the face of Fnatic League of Legends. This was perhaps never more true than after the World Championships in 2014, when every other member of the team left to pursue other paths. This put Yellowstar in the position of not only being team captain, but helping to mold four new players into a cohesive team. Everyone involved in that process praised Bora for all of the work he did, and with only one more roster change (bringing back ADC Rekkles), Fnatic went on to an impressive showing at Season 5 Worlds.

While Yellowstar has become almost synonomous with Fnatic, he will now be leaving the organization. For their part, Fnatic did their best to try to keep him, offering both a higher salary and options for his future after he retires as a player. However, Bora is determined to seek out new challenges, and that desire is bringing him to the North American LCS for the 2016 season.

This would normally spark a lot of discussion and speculation, but many fans already believe they know where he's headed. Team SoloMid has been rumored to have signed Yellowstar since before it was announced he was leaving Fnatic, and that theory only became more popular when the TSM merch store briefly had the option to purchase a Yellowstar jersey, before that was quickly removed. If Yellowstar ends up joining a different team, that would be the move that would generate the most surprise among fans at this point.

If Yellowstar does join TSM, it would give that organization arguably the strongest lineup it's ever had. Bora's in-game play and game knowledge are extremely well-regarded, and he could lessen the shot-calling burden on mid-laner Bjergsen (who has stated in the past that he never wanted that responsibility) if the team so desired. The NA LCS is about to be put on notice, as one of Europe's best players is coming state-side.


Source/image credit: Fnatic

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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