Secret Online is not so secret. 10 million players strong.

New website released for Secret Online. It is the first official English translation of the Chinese MMORPG.

Secret Online is one of the most anticipated Internet games for North American audiences in 2008. With an active Chinese player base over 10 million strong, Zyon Game's efforts to create content for native English speakers will expand the game's already successful market considerably.

As a free-to-play massive multi-player online adventure game, Secret Online transports users into the dynamic world of ancient Chinese mythology. Featuring beautifully rendered and customizable avatars, the game offers 200 static maps as well as an infinite quest generator spanning 20 unique environmental maps. Secret Online also introduces new play features for MMO gamers, such as a persistent realm history, wherein players permanently affect the time line and events of a particular server – and thus impact the experiences and storyline of other gamers in the same realm.

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Visit the new website at Secret Online.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016