Humor: Coyote Takes on Legends of Norrath

Posted Fri, Aug 10, 2007 by Shayalyn

Coyote Plays Cards
We are all dying to know what this new online trading card game for EQ and EQ2 is all about. Most of us are willing to wait patiently to find out the specifics. Coyote, however, will spend the time making up his own scenarios of how the game will be played.

"Wait, here...One? You have ONE card? ONE card?" The reporter asks in amazement as he finds an actual card among the debris. "One card, a leaf, a book of matches, an expired coupon for Batwing Crunchies, a ROCK - which isn't even remotely card like in SHAPE...and...and this." He sighs as he holds up a brownish colored square object.

Come read this hilarious tale of what happens when a good game gets into the wrong hands!

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