Fake World of Warcraft Theme Park Opens in China

Posted Tue, Jul 19, 2011 by Saia

Every so often, a news item comes along which is so outrageous I need to check the calendar to make sure it’s not April. China is known for many things, including it’s lax attitude to copyright but some things just take the biscuit.

Yes after ages in construction, GamesRadar is reporting (via The Shanghaiist) that a World of Warcraft theme park called World Joyland has finally opened.

The theme park cherry picks the biggest and most popular IPs which includes thinly-veiled (read: see through) incarnations of WoW and StarCraft. Yes, the Chinese characters do look a lot like the ones for WoW but actually read as ‘Terrain of Magic’ whilst the SCII inspired area is called ‘Starship Universe’. Both area have some sneaky references, including an appearance by Vashj, Sylvanas and a scary-horned Draenei. To add insult to injury, the promotional video nicks half a dozen tracks from the WoW soundtrack (go on, see if you can spot them) and snippets from various cinematics. Cheeky but well worth sitting through for sheer laughability. That said, I really want to go!

I love the brass balls that they actually have an area devoted to "copyright trade center," which I guess means in Chinese, "Ideas that I will steal and pass off as my own." :) I don't know if I can handle 365 days of ChinayJoy!

You know what this means right? It means, of course, that to counter such blatant piracy, Blizzard MUST open up their own BlizzWorld theme park.

Blizzard must be having kittens over this Chinese theme park though, lol. They are SO sensitive about their copyrights. Some executives must be fuming and thinking, why didn't we think of this first?!

Just think, all those Chinese gold farmers will have someplace to go now.

Trade-skills take time to level up.
Mine would be Tailoring and Inscription.

China's would be Copyright infringement and gold selling.

lol I love it!

Me thinks, since they would most likely have a hard time making a case for the park infringements themselves. Blizz might like to go after the "American?" development company that helped with all this. And wow, lots of copyrighted music was used in this long repetitive 'commercial.'

this is a joke right? im chinese but honestly this is ridiculous! The Chinese have no sense of self respect, always copying other ideas and blatantly showboating how technologically advanced they are when in reality all their doing is just making a big joke of themselves and how pathetic they look in trying to imitate ideas that aren't their own. No respect.

Ok so I love WOW I mean really love the game Play almost daily for over 2 years steady)! Mad respect for the creators and ppl that run Blizzard! But you have to realize that they could careless for any of us (hence why they charge for everything, over charge let me tell you. and if you call if issues they never refund even a day which is cool its company policies) so the fact that many of you are upset that China may have "stolen" the idea of warcraft, are out of it! Disney and many of the other companies I love and admire also have stole many ideas ( through out time, name of the game)! I mean let alone the world of warcraft is an idea stolen from Dungeons and Dragons. The world is full of rip off's and such, so it's about who does it better, bigger and most of all FIRST! I am sure they offered Blizzard something and they wanted a ridiculous amount of cash for it so China was smart enough to go thru the loop holes! I say Fuck ya way to go China just wish US would have been smart enough to pull if off so it would have been closer! Bet me in the room of copy-right filled games Blizzard WILL HAVE a stand set up?! I am sure of it! and I sure many of you that hate will show up at the park if you happen to have the money to go or even if your there already!

ok, fine. But will the theme park feature gold farmers and will they spam bargains for gold over the loudspeakers every 5 minutes?

Blizzard must be having kittens over this Chinese theme park though, lol. They are SO sensitive about their copyrights. Some executives must be fuming and thinking, why didn't we think of this first?!

Who else wishes they could get a band of their friends that play WOW to rp there as something in wow and show that WE WILL FIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!?The"farie island"looked just like silvermoon.i bet they're gonna even try to make a wOw RIDE!!!although that would be doesnt have an exact line for what to do and where to go.I bet they'll just make it a ride for a spawn camper/gold farmer.

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