WoW: BlizzCon Wrap-Up in Messiah's Blog

Posted Mon, Aug 13, 2007 by Shayalyn

The Last Vestiges of BlizzCon

Well, its been a week since BlizzCon ended, and the buzz still hasn’t calmed down. Visit just about any World of Warcraft forum and the buzz is still going. Speculation abounds about the Deathknight class, when the expansion will be out, whether it will improve or ruin the game, and much more. But what is our WoW community manager, Byron "Messiah" Mudry, most excited about?

By forcing you to get to max level, Blizzard ensured that you play through all the content at least once. Once you have there is really no reason to make you go right back to the beginning.

Get caught up on the buzz or relive the hype for just one more moment at Messiah's Digital Haven. While you're there, don't forget to leave a comment.
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