EQ2: Rise of Kunark Preview at GameSpy

We Fondly Remember Sarnak Fort Trains

GameSpy offered up a preview of the upcoming EverQuest II expansion, Rise of Kunark, scheduled for release November 13, 2007:

The new zones will include a starter area for the new race, the draconian Sarnak, which contains content suitable for levels 1 to 20. The rest of the expansion will contain adventures for heroes levels 65 through 80. This applies to every experience point track in the game, so players will also be able to continue to advance their trade skills, adventure and guild classes. Those looking for some phat new loot will be interested in the inclusion of 24 epic quests that lead players to an epic weapon designed for his or her class along with other types of fabled and legendary armor.

If Sarnaks and phat loot sound good to you, check out the preview.

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