Gods & Heroes: Interview with Chris Launius at The MMO Gamer

Better Late Than Never

The MMO Gamer got the chance to speak to Gods & Heroes Community Relations Manager, Chris “Binky” Launius, about the game at SOE Fan Faire earlier this month. Although Perpetual Entertainment recently announced its intent to self-publish GnH, this interview still provides some insight:

The player’s story begins with the character creation system. Chris zoomed the camera in to show his character’s face and explained that everything was completely customizable. Using slider tools players can choose the size of each feature as well as other options specific to that feature. Without simplifying it too much, players can give their character the beady-eyed glower of a shiftless drifter, or the full-lipped regal countenance of a hero. Besides their look each character can use over 200 emote actions including 7 different dances making it obvious that this is definitely a team that sees value in the player’s ability to express themselves.

Check out the interview at The MMO Gamer.

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