Guild Wars: Interview with Jeff Strain at Leipzig GC

4 Million and Counting

To date, Guild Wars has sold over 4 million copies of its original Guild Wars product. With that news freshly in mind, the Ten Ton Hammer team sent Cody "Micajah" Bye to the NCsoft booth at the Leipzig Games Convention to have a conversation with Jeff Strain, co-founder of Arena Net and one of the lead programmers on the team. For those of you who aren't familiar with Jeff's work, the man has been an influential member of the video game industry for several years and was the lead programmer and team lead for Blizzard's World of Warcraft before setting his feet and founding ArenaNet. While our conversation was focused around the upcoming expansion Guild Wars: Eye of the North, we also discussed a bit about Guild Wars 2 as well. Sit back and enjoy the read!

The Hall of Monuments is kind of like taking a snap-shot of your bad-assness, and then will let you take that bad-assness forward into Guild Wars 2.  It's kind of visual representation of what your character has accomplished. When you get into Guild Wars 2, you can physically access that Hall of Monuments and use all those statues to unlock special things in Guild Wars 2. You won't be able to give any of those things away. So, your Guild Wars character is a bad-ass and your Guild Wars 2 character can walk into the Hall of Monuments and walk out looking like a bad-ass.

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