Aion: Video Preview from Leipzig GC

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Oooo! Shiny! With Wings!

In this first part of the premier reveal of Aion: Tower of Eternity, NCSoft Germany Community Coordinator Martin Rabl demos this fresh entirely fresh take on the fantasy MMOG category. With a look that's part Final Fantasy XI and part Soul Caliber series but, especially with regards to storyline, Aion has a style that's all it's
own and is among the most promising of a wave of titles from Korea that seek to change how we think of an Asian MMO port.

In part 2, you'll see what really sets the gameplay of Aion apart--flight that's fully integrated with combat - as Martin continues the demo. Also, Senior Designer Kyoung Choi steps in to answer our questions about the game.

Check out the video (part 1) here.
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