LotRO: Reputation System Guide

How's Your Reputation?

Are you lost at sea when it comes to the Reputation system? Not sure where to go to find that certain faction or who you need to talk to? Be at ease my fellow patrons the answer is closer than you might think. This week Martuk's new guide Introduction to Reputation will introduce you to the Reputation system and each of the factions while aiding you in locating where each is hiding and what they want.
One of the newest mechanics to be implemented with Book 10 is the reputation system. Through a variety of task you can earn favor with one of the many factions of Middle earth. There are several ways to gain the favor of a given faction. Some require you to craft or collect items while others will want to see you slay their enemies. This guide is going to introduce you to each of those factions and get you started on earning their favor.

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