AA's Q&A With Prodigious Gaming, Part II

Posted Sun, Aug 14, 2005 by Ethec

If you can't blow it up, it won't be in Auto Assault!

Fully destructible environments and creating the "depth" of Auto Assault through tradeskills, PvPs arenas, and instancing are on tap for this UK site's last interview with Ryan Seabury, Net Devil's Design Director.

Pro-G: Auto Assault makes no bones about targeting a more casual market than most MMOs. Do you see the game attracting hardcore MMO players as well as casual gamers?

Ryan: We obviously hope for both. There's definitely stuff for hardcore gamers. What we've been trying to do when we go out to events is to show people how much depth there is behind the fastest most destructive MMO that's out there. The combat you can show somebody in five minutes because it's so fast paced. But nobody was really getting the MMO aspects of it. We forgot to point that out in our rush to show everyone how different we are to everyone else. Then everyone came away thinking it might be shallow. That was the general take of the five minute presentation.

Take a look at what more Ryan has to say in Pro-G's Auto Assault Interview, Part 2.


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