Warhammer Online: Exclusive Interview with Mark Jacobs

WAR! (Huh!) Here's What it's Good For!
WAR! (Huh!) Here's What it's Good For!

When the announcement came out that announced the delay of Warhammer until early 2008, fans were distraught and saddened over the news. Now that the game has been delayed again, the Ten Ton Hammer crew can only anticipate that fans will be even more disheartened, but eager to see what the WAR crew is trying to accomplish with those extra months. To shed some light on the entire situation, Garrett Fuller called EA Mythic's GM, Mark Jacobs, for some answers to any questions the fans might have. If you need to know the reasons why the decision to delay the game was made, you need to read this exclusive interview.

Mark went on to talk about the beta testing that is expected to re-open in December. He did say that the "launch delay has zero effect" on the beta. EA Mythic plans to go through the normal steps of beta testing where they will continue to open and close beta as needed to get the best feedback possible for the game. Mark is hoping that testers will go in and really "beat on the new stuff."

Want the scoop on WAR directly from the General Manager's mouth? Read the interview here.
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