EVE Online FanFest: Heat System Session Overview

EVE Turns Up the Heat

We bring you the latest from EVE FanFest 2007 with this look at the recently implemented Heat mechanic, which allows players to overclock ship modules while risking heat damage. Learn how to turn up the heat on your ship's loadout without getting burned and hear about some of the exciting changes coming to the Heat system in the coming months.

Kristinn "Tuxford" Sigurbergsson is the man responsible for turning up the Heat in EVE Online, and he and CCP working to improve this underused game mechanic. Heat, a system designed to allow more advanced players to essentially overclock modules for greater performance at the risk of a random assessment of damage due to cumulative heat, has gotten very mixed reviews from EVE players. At present, players can only repair heat damage by docking at a station – impractical especially for players doing the dirty work deep in null sec. With the stipulation that nothing's been decided on yet, Tuxford presented a series of changes are coming that may make Heat a more attractive option for all players.

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