Eve Online FanFest: PVP Basics Session Overview

Does Our Boy Have a Crush on Eris Discordia?

You decide! Ethec wrote the copy:

The lovely and talented EVE veteran Eris Discordia shared some of her knowledge of how to survive in the untamed expanses of EVE Online, and Ten Ton Hammer was live at EVE FanFest in Reykjavik, Iceland to share what we learned with you. This is essential information for new players or really anyone that would like to mix it up in EVE Online.

In the second session of EVE FanFest 2007, Eris Discordia shared her reasons for participating in Player vs. Player (PvP) combat in EVE Online as well as some basic pointers for PvP success. Although the session was well attended (due in no small part to Eris's good looks and coy demeanor; the fact that she's a young, attractive female that's very active in EVE Online doesn't hurt either), this was a session targeted at newer players perhaps fearful to venture out of high security space. That said, Eris's subtle humor and seductive schadenfreude overtones provided entertainment for even the most experienced PvP'er in the room."

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