LotRO: The Rift Guide

Rift Versus Reward

The Rift is Middle-earth's newest raid instance that came to light with the launch of Lord of the Rings Online Book 11. Many LotRO players have been curious as to what kind of items one can obtain by raiding or fellowship hunting within this new area. Today Martuk attempts to answer some of those questions with the first part of his Rift guide series. Learn what kind of items are out there and what it might take to get them.

With the launch of Book 11, Middle-earth received a new raid instance known as "The Rift of Nurz Ghashu." This new raid instance offers a new burst of high level content for patrons of Middle-earth. The Rift, as it is called for short, has many new raid boss targets. These bosses have a chance to drop a variety of gems that can be exchanged to specific merchants at the Ranger camp near the entrance to "The Rift" in Angmar. These gems can be exchanged for class specific gear from these merchants, so all gems are useful to every class as each can be exchanged for a different section of armor.

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