Warhammer Online: Zone Overview - Chrace

Rocky Mountain High (Elves)?
Rocky Mountain High (Elves)?

The long awaited starting point for the Warhammer Online High Elves has arrived! Welcome to Chrace, a land of mountains, vicious animals, and a key strategic point in the taking of Ulthuan. What can you expect from the home of the Annulii Mountains? Well, being right next door to the Blighted Isle, RvR is a given. Add to that rocky terrain and a bunch of angry beasts that attack all invaders into their territory and you have yourself a party! Wait there's more you say? How about a hint as to what the final High Elven class might be? You'll have to read for yourself to find out.

A rugged region of green hills that rise to meet the piney slopes of the Annulii Mountains, Chrace provides its defenders with many advantages. As they draw nearer to the mountains, the Dark Elves will find the steep and rocky terrain increasingly difficult to navigate. The province is littered with forts and hidden redoubts from which the High Elves can launch harassing actions and stage ambushes.

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