Tabula Rasa: Starr Long Interview - Expansion Possibilities

They Just Launched and Already We're Talking Expansions!

With Tabula Rasa finally out the door, the NCsoft developers can begin looking ahead and plotting their course for the next few updates and expansions. While Cody "Micajah" Bye was visiting NCsoft this last weekend, he sat down with TR's producer, Starr Long, and asked him what the plans were for the future. In response, Starr talked about briefly about their first retail expansion and in-depth about the next few Operations that are set to impress MMO gamers.

Starr: I think a lot of people's opinions were formed during the early stages of our beta test, and we were really rough around the edges. We had a lot of problems, and I think we really pulled it together in the last phase of beta. That said, there are always things that we're working on and every patch is going to have continual optimizations. We will continue to improve performance and stabilize the game.

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