Warhammer Online: Shadowlands Zone Overview

Only the shadow knows...
Only the shadow knows...

The Shadowlands. The land where the followers of Malekith spirited him away after his deceit was exposed by the Sacred Flame and his flesh burned for eternity. It is here that Malekith undoes the vortex and washes the land of Nagarythe in Chaos energy turning it into a wasteland. Hundreds of years later, it is here that Witch King sends House Uthorin and House Arkaneth, bitter political enemies, to take control of the Shadowland menhirs. Come take a look at these blasted wastelands and what you can expect as a Dark Elf trying to secure the Shadowlands for the Witch King.

What little remains of Nagarythe is a tortured and twisted land, blasted by fire and seared by destructive magical energies. Strange, mutated creatures stalk this gloomy, barren wasteland of gray earth and black stone. The High Elves named this cursed place the Shadowlands, for it seemed always to be in darkness.

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