Tabula Rasa Op/Ed: Retail Restlessness

Don't start bailing; we're not even taking on water!

With Tabula Rasa Collector's Edition being listed at half it's retail price this week at some retailers, it's no surprise a few players have become concerned about it's success. Is the game doing well?  Should people be concerned about the future development?  RadarX gives four perfectly logical reasons for the price drop, and explains why there won't be a need to break out the lifeboats just yet.

Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa launched just over a month ago and while there have been a few bugs the client is stable. All the major mechanics are in place and most of the players players seem to be having a good time. While we'll never be privy to the actual box sales or number of current subscribers everything seems to have gone as NCsoft expected. This week a number of players noticed the Collector's Edition of Tabula on sale at Amazon for a mere $30 in North America which is a significant difference from the $60 many of us paid. What happened? Did the game launch that poorly?

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