EVE Online: Trinity - First Impressions

Kerfuffle? Who talks like that?
Kerfuffle? Who talks like that?

Despite a launch hour kerfuffle (long since remedied) that erased a file needed during Windows XP bootup for a small percentage of users, EVE Online's latest free expansion - Trinity - sports a complete graphical revamp of the game for those equipped with next-gen graphics cards. New ships, a revamped tutorial, new tools for corp management, and a host of new gameplay nifties round out the features list. But how does it play? Ten Ton Hammer compares the new look with the old, benchmarks performance, and gives our first general impressions on the launch of EVE Online: Trinity.

While CCP explained Trinity's new graphics with lots of fancy words like "emissive glow" and "ambient occlusion" at EVE Fan Fest 2007, it really boils down to a better visual experience in-game. It feels like the entire game has grown up a little; my Megathron battleship looks less like a starched pair of bellbottoms and more like a truly threatening instrument of warfare. The devil truly is in the details.

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