New World of Warcraft Servers

Posted Wed, Sep 14, 2005 by Boomjack

RPPVP on the QT for VIPs
Blizzard has released three new Role Play - PvP servers. Vin Diesel can complete Molten Core alone, with his priest character:

" "Salutations! I, Bokkle, humble tinker and Gnomeregan exile, have come to you with wondrous news! My fellow lovers of lore and spinners of stories, we need wait no longer to find a new home; the path is open to a grand new experience not yet seen in Azeroth! Come, my friends, and rejoice! Let us celebr-eeeeerk!" The troll set his spear aside and looked down upon the tiny, prone body. "Heh. Dat gnome be chattin' so loud, he not see us comin'."

"Heh." A cold smirk came to the Orc's scarred face. "The little chatterbox forgot to watch his back. No magic protects the foolish in these lands. Be on your guard -- enemies could be anywhere!"
The RP-PvP realms are live and available for play! Are you a loremonger seeking gameplay with a little more bite? Look no further! Join Emerald Dream or Maelstrom and defend the realm against your enemies!"
[Ed: Another realm, Twisting Nether, was later opened.]

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