Warhammer Online: Sorceress Overview Video

Let the males live? Bah!

The most recent addition to the Dark Elven armies, the Sorceress class is here. With the ability to wield the forces of Chaos, it would seem that Six Convents of Sorceresses would be unstoppable... but the universe always requires a balance. Utilizing awesome cosmic power comes at a hefty price. How eager are you to call upon this destructive energy if it may cost you your life?  Also, there's been a slight change to Malekith's dark plan! Instead of just Sorceresses, there are also Sorcerers! In the Warhammer tabletop battle miniatures lore, Malekith ordered only females may learn the magical arts, and all Sorcerers would be put to death. Watch as Paul Barnett explains why EA Mythic chose to let the males live and the choices that must be made when you choose to walk the path of the Arcane as a Dark Elf Sorceress.

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