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Posted Wed, Sep 14, 2005 by Ethec

Fly you very own black flag...

"Strike and heave to if we give ya the gun, else we'll spare nary a one of ya. We ask no quarter and we give none!" That's what a pirate would say, but what would Gamespot say about a pirate MMO?

Set in the raucous 18th century Caribbean, during the heyday of piracy, Pirates of the Burning Sea will let you sail for the major powers of the era (Britain, France, or Spain), as well as for yourself as a, well, pirate. The game will feature both player-versus-player combat and player-versus-environment missions, which will let you build a career as a dread captain on the high seas. The game itself seems to combine the town exploration of a traditional online role-playing game with the stylized world map and travel of Sid Meier's Pirates!, with a real-time ship-combat mode that's almost out of a historically based wargame. As such, it's certainly very different from the traditional online role-playing games, with their foci on fantasy worlds and races, not to mention swords and sorcery.

That and more, you knock-kneed lubber, in the Gamespot preview of Pirates of the Burning Sea, due out end-of-year 2005.


Pirates of the Burning Sea will be sailing away from SOE later this month. Make sure that your account is ready to leave port.

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