WoW Op/Ed: Guild Bank Etiquette

This is a stick up! Well, no, not really...but give me that level 70 raid gear!

In this week's editorial Ten Ton Hammer WoW community manager, Byron "Messiah" Mudry, discusses another issue that has come up recently in many guilds--another etiquette issue; namely the use of the new guild bank feature in WoW.  Messiah looks at some of the issues around guild banks and suggests rules to address them.

Now that World of Warcraft has its own built in, easy to use bank system though, EVERYONE can potentially see and use it. This has led to many issue in many guilds already, my guild included. How many times have you seen this message floating across your screen in guild chat, "How do I get gold out of the bank?" or "How do I get item X out of the bank?" Usually this is following by a question such as "Who are you?" or "Why do you want X which is a level 70 item when you're level 40?"

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