WoW Weekly Report - Issue 2

Xerin brings you the latest news from WoW

Issue 2 of the WoW Weekly Report looks at the latest headlines in the WoW community and the most interesting posts made by Blizzard this past week. Not only that but we've got the lowdown on what's been happening around here at WoW at Ten Ton Hammer. This week is all about the latest WoW notebook, the commercial with Austin Power's mini-me, and The Feast of Winter Veil.

Patch 2.3.2 is still on the PTR. A quick summary of additional features would be simply a new way to test how well the game is performing on your computer, a way to possibly reduce some latency, boat vendors return, new guild bank functionality (repair only withdrawal rank), you will stand up when attacked if you're sitting, and the usual host of game fixes and additions.

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Karen is H.D.i.C. (Head Druid in Charge) at EQHammer. She likes chocolate chip pancakes, warm hugs, gaming so late that it's early, and rooting things and covering them with bees. Don't read her Ten Ton Hammer column every Tuesday. Or the EQHammer one every Thursday, either.
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