EverQuest II: A Year in Review

It was a very good year

A lot has happened in EverQuest II over the last year.  We've seen another expansion released, developers have moved on and the Senior Producer has been replaced.  Some of these changes were good, some were a little less than good, but at the end of the year our game is still better than it was in 2006 and for that we should all be proud! Please join Ten Ton Hammer's favorite humorist, Coyote Sharptongue, as he reflects on the changes, the growth, and the good gaming fun in 2007.

As the year began to take its toll and content was eaten faster than a cupcake left on Oprah's desk, the new expansion was revealed, and not a moment too soon. Rise of Kunark brought us more of the uncovered lands of Norrath that we knew, remembered and loved from the original EverQuest. Giving us a sense of nostalgia and a feeling of familiarity as we run through its lands, RoK is an expansion to remember.

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