Pirates of the Burning Sea Open Beta Interview

Yar! There be open beta here!
Yar! There be open beta here!

The open beta for Pirates of the Burning Sea has been running for several weeks now, and hundreds of the early entrants into the open world are detailing their initial experiences with the game. With all of the information in the game now available to the general public, the Ten Ton Hammer editorial staff was interested in how the development team at Flying Lab Studios was holding up to the new challenges of thousands of players interacting in this new world. To answer our questions, we sat down with the producer of Pirates of the Burning Sea, John Scott Tynes, who gladly answered all of our questions with extremely detailed and thorough responses. Read on to see what he had to say!

We are already working on our first free content update which includes a new repeatable group instance, The Bey's Retreat, that is targeted at a group of 6 level 25 players. It's a massive instance with multiple battles at sea and on land and it should take two to three hours to beat. That first content update should be out in March and includes lots of other great stuff as well. We'll be moving on to making level 50 group raids like this, and we have a lot of soloable level 50 content planned, too.

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