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Posted Mon, Sep 26, 2005 by Ethec

Pintos with Panzerschreken
For once we'd like to see an Auto Assault preview where the writer didn't get in the newbie-mobile, skip the introductory quests, comment on the devestation all around (which you can glibly add to be destroying landscape objects) and finally relay the joy of blowing things up (well, okay, you can never say enough about blowing things up! Vin Diesel agrees.) Unfortunately, Stratics follows the unwritten formula for AA previews.... doesn't anyone do anything fun and new in this post-apocalyptic world- stop for gas and donuts perhaps?

" Upon first entering the game world as a Biomek Terminator (with a giant cannon for a left arm, it doesn’t do much but it sure looks cool) I noticed how bleak it all seemed. Ever play Fallout and notice all the devastation? Same principle. I didn’t waste much time in the starter city getting any of the dozen or so missions readily available for rewards of experience and cash, I jumped straight into my car and was out there blasting things. In the original newbie car – I use car as a superlative, it’s really more of a rolling death machine with a giant gun on the top – you’re already able to get up to a handy seventy something miles per hour, chaingun firing away with reckless abandon at anything that moves or doesn’t move. One of the first handy things I noticed is that as I destroyed the beautifully crafted landscape the destroyed objects would release other objects to me which I could pick up. Bits of scrap metal, grease, nuts&bolts, general junk really. Little did I know at the time that each and every one of those items that I got from just gleefully destroying the world would allow me to craft my own items with ease when I returned to the city."

Read more of the Stratics preview of Auto Assault at Stratics Central, that is, if you haven't read it all before.
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