Legends of Norrath: Forsworn Review

Become a legend in your own mind.
Become a legend in your own mind.

The Legends of Norrath online trading card game was released only a few short months ago, but the developers at Sony Online Entertainment's Denver branch pulled out all the stops to release the game's first expansion a few days before the Christmas holiday. With a few weeks of playtime with the new cards under his belt, Ten Ton Hammer's managing editor, Cody "Micajah" Bye, issues his opinion on the brand new card set. Check out his review then issue your own opinions here!

With several months of tweaking under their belts, the developers at SOE-Denver have firmly balanced the gameplay within Legends of Norrath, and the Forsworn expansion set amplifies the specializations of each avatar archetype without breaking any of the game mechanics. For example, each archetype now includes another of the "classes" within the EverQuest games: the Fighters received new Paladin cards, Mages earned Necromancer abilities, Druid and Shaman cards were added to the Priest archetype, and Scouts were bestowed more Ranger enhancements.

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