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Posted Mon, Oct 10, 2005 by Ethec

Hondas with Heat-Seekers
MMORPGDot doesn't dispute Auto Assault lives up to its mantra: "The Fastest, Most Destructive MMO Ever," but they do ponder whether or not it has the wheels to keep gamers playing month after month. I tend to think that as long as there's a southern California commute, there will be a market for vehicular destruction MMOs.

"Overall the game delivers what it promises: long hours of blowing-up-crap bliss. The question is what sort of gamer will it appeal to? Will the action-craving gamer pay a monthly fee for what feels like a late nineties post-apocalyptic arcade with character advancement, crafting and multiplayer options thrown in? Will the MMORPG player identify enough with a little vehicle zooming around the screen as his character to want to put time, money and effort into developing the vehicle slash quasi-character? Will those good old Car Wars fans find what they are looking for in this aspiring MMOG version of the golden oldie?
I doubt that all those sceptical of an integration of MMORPG with a fast paced action car warring post apocalyptic game will have their scepticism dispelled by Auto Assault. On the fun, blowing-things-up side of things the game works well enough, but on a lot of other fronts - at least in its current Beta stage - the overall concept and what the game does with it are both problematic. It simply seems difficult for the game to succeed on all the fronts it wishes to succeed, both because of the overall conceptual structure of the game and the way the various elements of that structure have been married. But I will definitely give the release version a spin to see if these doubts have been eased by the final product. "

Read more of the Auto Assault preview at MMORPGDot, if you so desire.
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