3 Regular AA Features Updated

Posted Thu, Oct 20, 2005 by Ethec

Another Lap Each From Three Regular Auto Assault Official Site Features (Thanks Maya!)

Every week, the Net Devil team posts releases neat blueprint-style deskpaper introducing one new vehicle from each of the three races.

Blueprints of the Apocalypse: Human Daedalus, Mutant Cicada MV-8, and the Biomek Activar MAV-42. More wallpaper goodness.

Another regular feature is "Recon," which is a detailed look at the lore behind a certain game location.

Recon: Human city of Upside. Also known as "Ascension," this is where the humans returned to the surface and remains a multi-purpose stronghold.

And, since it's not too late to ask for /pizza, NetDevil wants to know what you'd like to do in-game after you've driven back to a city and cleaned your 105mm howitzer for the day.

Weigh-in Wednesday Forum Poll: "What kind of non-combat gameplay would you like to see in Auto Assault?" Your opinion is wanted!

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