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Posted Mon, Oct 24, 2005 by Ethec

Lord Recluse becomes a little more... outgoing?

City of Villains is set for release later this month, and the leader of the villainous forces is preparing his cadre of evil for an all-out Heroes assault. And my thoughts drift to the end of every old James Bond movie, when the amalgam of British/American/good-guy forces arrive to fight all the evil underlings while 007 and the girl chase the mastermind. Cue the flute, timpani, and brass section!

Attention, villains of the Rogue Isles! This is your leader, Lord Recluse. I address you, my mighty comrades, to warn you of a dastardly plot hatched by the contemptible Statesman.

Arachnos technicians have intercepted a Longbow transmission detailing a massive assault on the Rogue Isles! Statesman and his lackeys, the Freedom Phalanx, plan to coordinate their efforts with Longbow in a pathetic attempt to destroy us.

If they want war…they shall have it.

Muhahaha... see for yourself! New City of Villains lore at the CoV official site.

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