Raiding and Players Skirmishes Coming to Pirates of the Burning Sea

Pirate Skirmishes? How Can You Go Wrong?
Pirate Skirmishes? How Can You Go Wrong?

Even though the majority of MMOG players don't actively participate in raids, it seems like every major game that hits the market needs a raiding system in order to be successful. The developers at Flying Lab Software are distinctly aware of that particular situation, and they made it a point in our CES interview to discuss a bit about raiding. Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye interviewed developer Jess Lebow to get a few intricate details of the game's first raid encounter.

"We've made this particular encounter tougher than anything else you'll face in the game," Lebow added. "We've tweaked the boss AI in this mission, so he'll fight harder than anything you've ever fought in the game. In the particular raid I'm talking about, you'll be taking on an incredibly nasty jailer because you need to free some important individuals he's holding prisoner. However, even though you will have him outnumbered, he has tons of different ways to bleed you and will direct area-of-effect attacks your way."

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