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Posted Tue, Nov 22, 2005 by Ethec

And you thought your MMO was hardcore.
WarCry has a very interesting read on Project Entropia's economy. PE is the first game with an real life economy- you can "buy in" for in-game cash using real dollars, and "cash out" using the same exchange rate.

I saw miners hitting deposits worth 5,000 PEDs. And that's just the materials value. If they make it into stuff, who knows how much they’ll make? Crafters were making a couple hundred bucks right in front of me, throwing together tools worth $50-plus. Quick perusing of the auction house revealed items actually going for 4,000 PEDs. Sure, you start crafting in EVE, maybe you make enough ISK to sell to IGE for beer money, but $400 bucks? Sign me up for mining and crafting in Project Entropia.

There’s even PvP zones and, yes, it’s old school. You may actually lose items if you wander into a PvP zones. Consequently, PvP combat has actual cash rewards and penalties. Imagine ganking a guy and making ten bucks on his gear. Now imagine being ganked and losing your hundred dollar mining doodad. That’s what I call serious PvP. When a jerk with a dagger might cost you your rent money, it’s hardcore.

I agree. Check out Warcry's Project Entropia editorial.
We'll throw this link in, free of charge:

I want to be an alien rancher. The kind of aliens that Captain Kirk always found.

While a lot of players "get" MMOGs, there are a great many people who don't "get" Entropia Universe. With its declaration of being a "virtual world" and it's use of real money to buy and sell goods, many online game players don't even consider Entropia Universe when they're looking at online games to explore. At Leipzig GC '07, Marco Behrmann sat down with Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye to try to sort out that misunderstanding and inform the public about Entropia Universe.

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Virtual Real Estate Bidding War Frenzy - 2 Days Left in Auction for Prime Entropia Universe

Entropia Universe is closing out a public auction for three mall properties and the latest bid is over $34,000. Virtual real estate is a growing phenomenon, with key players investing up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. The latest trend in role playing games shows a profit for bold investors.

Entropia Universe has opened bidding in a public auction for three malls in its virtual universe. The auction, and subsequent winner, will be announced on Thursday, December 28. Activity during the auction has created a virtual real estate feeding frenzy, with bids sky-rocketing (currently - December 26 - bids were already at over $34,000) and estimated to reach up to $100,000. Now, with only 6 days left, the public is invited to place their bids on the most valuable real estate online.

Read the rest of the press release for more details!

Tue, Dec 26, 2006

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