Tabula Rasa Op/Ed: A Mid Game Crisis

Singin' the Mid-Game Blues
Singin' the Mid-Game Blues

The world of Tabula Rasa brings players into a world of combat placing them in the front lines of a never ending war. As they diligently train to become better soldiers a subtle change occurs at level 30. Life then becomes more challenging and dangerous for everyone, but why? What possible difference could the mid game make that was so radical? RadarX examines the post 30 world and describes the dramatic conquest and conflict players will face.

Tabula Rasa's unique blend of shooter and MMORPG continues to please many players all over North America and Europe. The early levels are a beautiful mix medley of combat and missions that would satisfy any FPS fan. As time goes on however, the mechanics seem to shift and player focus changes. What exactly happens to create this transition and why do things just feel different post 30?

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