Tabula Rasa Targets of Opportunity - Concordia Divide

Reinvent Yourself! (With Clone Credits)
Reinvent Yourself! (With Clone Credits)

Ten Ton Hammer continues its coverage of the Targets of Opportunity missions, with the latest guide: Targets of Opportunity - Concordia Divide. Learn how to complete this epic mission to earn a clone credit, which allows any player a chance to reinvent themselves and create more alts.

Divide Reanimator: Kill 20 Hominis Machina. These Humanoid Robot Borg are found in the trenches around Rotting Sal, or with the Hominis Patrol that travels the path from Thoria Das to Delta Outpost. Physical and fire attacks do a great deal of damage to these guys, but they are pretty low in hit points. Make sure to loot their bodies after killing, to avoid having them pop back up to attack again.

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