Warhammer Online: Dark Elves: An Interview with Josh Drescher

They Have a Dark Gift
They Have a Dark Gift

One of the more exciting races has been on display in the Warhammer Online world lately. Obviously, I'm talking about the Dark Elves. With recent revelations about the new classes as well as new Lore and Lands, the Druchii have been the focus of a lot of the new information released for WAR. Even with all this new information, we at Ten Ton Hammer still had a few questions, and when you have questions, the best place to get answers is straight from the a developer. Associate Producer of WAR, Josh Drescher, was kind enough to field some of our questions. Take a look and see what he had to say about the Dark Elves in his exclusive interview.

TenTonHammer: What has been the most difficult part of bringing the Dark Elves to life in the virtual world? What was the easiest part? How popular are they among the WAR staff?

Josh Drescher: As with most races, the toughest challenge is choosing which of the Dark Elf careers we want to use. There are so many cool options that it's always difficult to decide what elements are going to be excluded in the initial release.

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