LotRO: 10 New Screenshots from Book 12

Who Wrote the Book of LoTRO?
Who Wrote the Book of LoTRO?

Book 12 is now live for lord of the Rings Online on the Roheryn server and Ten Ton Hammer is there to bring you some new screenshots on the eve of this latest update. Martuk took a tour through Angmar and brought back 10 new screenshots of some of the changes to the area and a look at the new Outfit System window. Keep an eye out for more updates on the Book 12 content later this week.

Book 12 has officially launched on the Roheryn Preview Server and Ten Ton Hammer was there to bring you some 10 new screenshots from the latest update for Lord of the Rings Online's Preview Server. This batch of screenshots shows the Hunter camp in western Malenhad in Angmar and a look at the Outfit System window which has now been added to the Character Sheet.

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