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Think You've Got What it Takes to be a GM? Rofl!
Think You've Got What it Takes to be a GM? Rofl!

The backbone of any MMOG company is it's customer service team who take the brunt of any shortcomings a product has. What is it like sitting in the Gamemasters chair resolving player issues, and what would it take to do their job? We talked with GM_Rofl whose playful and friendly method is widely renowned to get a better understanding of what goes on at NCsoft.  Don't miss this look at customer service and one of the unique individuals who does it.  

It's not unusual to hear complaints about the service people receive, but what do they actually do and how difficult is this job? Whether it's banning a gold spammer, getting someone unstuck, or updating a bugged mission the GM's are probably some of the busiest people around. Players have a 24/7 expectation and with little patience for delay, these are huge shoes to fill. Those who have played Tabula Rasa long enough will readily recognize the name of GM_Rofl as one of the most fun loving, interactive, and friendly GM in any game. Rofl was kind enough to talk with us regarding the rigorous life of customer service and gave a little personal insight into the world of Tabula Rasa.

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