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Be All the Tankadin You Can Be
Be All the Tankadin You Can Be

It's been a while since our Tankadin guide went live, and many things have changed since then, not the least of which was the 10% boost in stamina and health that brought Tankadins close to warrior health levels. This guide covers all the basics from threat generation, attack rotation, and builds to more advanced topics such as gear and macros. If you're a Paladin and thinking of trying out tanking, or a tankadin that needs a little help, or even another class that wants to understand how tankadins work, check out the guide.

A Tankadin gains aggro through the holy damage that you cause. This means that to hold aggro on a target you need to cause as much holy damage as possible. This means that you need to have a decent amount of +damage gear so that you can cause enough holy damage to hold aggro. While doing this you also need to worry about your primary stats of Stamina and +defensive skill that your healer can actually keep you alive.

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