EQ2 Humor: Twenty-One Gaming Terms...You Never Knew You Knew!

Posted Fri, Jan 25, 2008 by Shayalyn

I Put on My Wizard Robe and Hat...In Front of the Whole Guild

Gamers always come up with their own little terms that make little sense to anyone but those playing the game. EverQuest II gamers are no exception! Coyote comes up with his own terms in gaming that not only totally fit, but are downright hilarious. Come read Coyote's dictionary of gaming terms, then visit our forums and share your own!

Private Massage - A line of especially naughty cyber that gets accidentally broadcasted to guild chat during peek hours cluing the world into your cyber rubbings.

Rise and Shine(y) - The frantic scrambling and searching for the "feign death" icon so that you can deactivate it because you reached for a shiny - but the Shadow Knight in your group force feigned you in an attempt to snatch it for their own.
Road Raids - The anger, frustration and sheer annoyance you feel as you speed down the road because you are late for a raid.


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