Tabula Rasa Guide to Spies

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James Bond Car Not Included

Grab your Stealth suit and get your sword ready because Ten Ton Hammer has updated their guide to Spies.  We break down each and every skill you'll receive and show which ones are required and which might best fit your play style.  Don't spend your skill points without the proper know how, check out our guide.

So you think you have what it takes to be an agent of the AFS? Are you prepared to move with guile and subtlety through the enemy ranks striking at the opportune moment? The Spy is a natural extension of the Ranger and one of the deadliest classes you can choose in Tabula Rasa relying on stealth and assassination. Like the Sniper, you will kill your enemy swiftly and mercilessly very likely before he has even reacted to your presence. Unlike the Sniper, you will not be crouched behind a rock 80 meters away, this will be up close and personal meaning knowledge of your surroundings is pivotal.

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