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Gamepro's MMO Report Card: 2007

Posted Wed, Jan 30, 2008 by Aelryn

66% D's is not so hot for the 2007 games industry.

GamePro delivered its 2007 MMO report card recently, taking a crack at Tabula Rasa, Fury, and Hellgate: London.

This sort of premature launch seemed to be a theme in the late-arriving MMOs of 2007. Our MMO Report Card looks at three in particular: Fury (developed by Auran), Tabula Rasa (Destination Games and NCSoft), and Hellgate: London (Flagship Studios.)

There was a bit of noise surrounding these games at the time of their launch, but frankly, the sheer volume of notable games released at the end of 2007's final quarter squelched the commentary to all but those most determined to listen. Our MMO Report Card examines how far they've come since their releases to help you determine if they're worth spending time with.

See what they had to say at GamePro.

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