PAX Early Registration Opens

Posted Wed, Jan 30, 2008 by Aelryn

PAX to the max!

If you've always wanted to attend the exciting Penny Arcade Expo, there's no time like this year! Extra-early registration just opened, so if you're not media or friends with Tycho and Gabe, you won't get a cheaper price than now.

Early Bird Pricing (Before March 31st):
3-day pass: $40! (Save $10)
Pre-Registration Pricing (After April 1st, Before August 1st):
Friday Only: $25 (Save $5)
Saturday Only: $25 (Save $5)
Sunday Only: $25 (Save $5)
3 Day Pass: $45 (Save $5)
At the Door Pricing:
Friday Pass: $30
Saturday Pass: $30
Sunday Pass: $30
3 Day Pass: $50

Get all the info at the PAX website.

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