MMO Publisher G4Box Experiments With Cell Phone Payments

Posted Wed, Jan 30, 2008 by Aelryn

You never have to log out again.

Soon you might be able to pay for your favorite MMOG-- from your cell phone!

G4BOX Inc, a North American
publisher and distributor of interactive entertainment media,
announced today that it has signed a deal with cell phone payment
provider, Onebip that makes the company their exclusive cell phone
payment service in ten different countries.

The deal means that METIN 2 players can now purchase 500 METIN 2 points
instantly from the game's item mall by using their cell phone. In
addition, each player will receive a 50 Q point bonus with their
purchase. The countries included in the agreement are: Australia,
Denmark, Deutschland, Latvia, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, the United
Kingdom and the United States. For a full list of providers in those
territories visit

Find out more about this offer at the official site.

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