LotRO Emotes Guide 2.0

Come On, Show a Little Emotion!
Come On, Show a Little Emotion!

Lord of the Rings Online provides their player with a robust selection of character emotes to make the world of Middle-earth more immersive and engaging for players. Regular players and Role-players alike can find some fun ways to use emotes to create a social atmosphere for all to enjoy. This week we have updated our Emote list with a new look and some updated information, but best of all, if you enjoy emotes, this list will provide you with all the needed commands to use them.

Emotes provide an interactive way for players to communicate in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). Turbine provided a robust list of emotes when the game launched and continued to build onto them with additional emotes during their free content updates. This given LOTRO one of the best selections of character emotes around.

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