Star Wars Galaxies Chapter 8.1: The Nova Orion Crisis

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Yeah, I thought it was an onion crisis at first too.

The latest Star Wars Galaxies Chapter is out, titled the Nova Orion Crisis.

On Thursday, January 31, at 4:00 AM PST all U.S. and European galaxies will be taken down for server maintenance and a live update.

When the update is complete, all galaxies will be live but unavailable while we complete final testing. All galaxies will be made available after that time.

4:00 AM PST (Los Angeles) / 6:00 AM CST (Austin) / 7:00 AM EST (New York)
12:00 PM GMT (London) / 1:00 PM CET (Berlin) / 8:00 PM (Tokyo)
Click here for a Time Zone Calculator.

Chapter 8.1: The Nova Orion Crisis

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