Tabula Rasa: Video Tour of Valverde Marshes

Get Swamped!
Get Swamped!

In a swampy area on Tabula Rasa's planet of Foreas, the Valverde Marshes is nostalgically remniscent of Star Wars Dagobah. Of course you'll find no Jedi master here, and large concentrations of Bane forces will try and kill you but that's close right? Join Ten Ton Hammer as we tour this zone and point out all the places you'll want to visit and even give you a few navigation tips.

This tour of Valverde Marshes will start you near the Pools zone entrance and go through most of the important locations in the zone. You'll see AFS held positions, Bane strongholds, and the locations of all the instances available. This area is designed for level 33+ players and promises to provide challenging combat up into the high 30's.

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