Tabula Rasa Armor Guide

I dunno about you, but I get my gear from Saks 5th Avenue
I dunno about you, but I get my gear from Saks 5th Avenue

A good soldier equips himself with the best possible gear he can find on the battlefield, and armor is not something you want to buy from Wal-Mart. Ten Ton Hammer has updated it's armor guide based on changes from the recent patch to reflect new recharge rates and numerous ability adjustments.  Learn everything you could possibly need to know about every type of Tabula Rasa armor right here!

This guide is meant to be a basic overview of the armor types that are in Tabula Rasa. As you advance through the classes you will gain access to new armor types that reflect the role of that particular class. Each armor type also has many many different versions of itself. Versions levels are equivalent to the item rarity you see in other MMOG's. The higher the version the "better" these enchantments are (typically).

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